Thursday, February 24, 2005

egg or chicken

warning in every public transport bus in Kerala

It is illegal for men to occupy seat reserved for woman

Kerala is amongst the most unsafe places for woman to live, in India

Why is your mother and sister not safe in 100% literate Kerala?


Aspiring Non Resident Keralites - Malayalees who have never travelled outside the state.
They harbor a craving to get out off the state but have to stay back for emotional or financial reasons. These people are politically aware,
active in trade unions and constantly craving for Utopia.

Non Resident Keralites- Malayalees who reside outside the state
There are 2 sub important sub categories

Malayalees who have resided outside india
They are more Malayalee than even the residents, most of them dream of returning to the state as they become tired of their second-class citizen status, with no political involvement in the residing country. These folks lose their cunning and become incapable of returning to being resident keralites.
Amongst them people return for emotional reason. while the non emotional types choose migrate to places that offer them first class citizenship.

Malayalees who have lived outside the state but inside india
They enjoy voting rights, are first class citizens hence remain satisfied to be merged into their adapted society.
These folks usually have children who hate to be called Malayalees. There are people who return for emotional reasons most of them
either go back or live the rest of their life criticizing his tribe.

(p.s. note- I have tried to maintain political correctness where ever possible. Exceptions are always there.)

The Rich Malayalee, the poor malayalee

Malayalees consider physical labour as a virtue while mental/ intellectual labour to create wealth as unjust.
malayalees who physically labour as bus driver, auto-rickshaw driver, head-load workers, masons, carpenters, construction workers, factory workers have a mindset that has been moulded by the communist regime to this effect.

When they see that the person who has invested capital and taken risk in an area of opportunity make profit,
they think of it as unjust. then they demand a share in profit. Trade unions call for strikes and lock outs leading to destruction of entrepreneurial initiatives.

Just as people all over the world, in his dream every malayalee dreams of becoming rich.

Friday, February 11, 2005

looking for more stereotypes

How many ways can Keralites be generalised? what are the kind of stereotypes? Munshi on Asianet shows one way.