Thursday, September 22, 2005

Sunday, September 11, 2005


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Is that an ant caught in the web or a spider that looks like an ant? In the past week i saw variants of spiders that i have not seen before. Two to be precise, a spider that looked like an ant and then a spider that looked like a mosqito. both were seen spinning webs. Or has the ants and the mosquitos of late evolved to be webbers. I would not be surprised at at that, have we humans not taken to webbing!!


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A namboothiri wedding near Kootatukulam, Kerala.

Monday, September 05, 2005

another earth another time

the earth had 4 moons.
and these moon were made of a different matter and were seen around the earth at around 90 degree distance from the center. the matter that filled them reflected more light which obviously meant that there was no nights. there was only one season. constantly. there was no concept of seasons or nights. there was one type of crop that shed leaves and bore fruits in unpredictable fashion. where a plant that dried up and died there was another which bore fruits. food was always there. so nobody bothered to calculate the months, days, hour, minutes or seconds.

As for time calculation, yeah time was calculated not using the solar or lunar way. Only purpose of recording time was for history reasons. So time became a notion calculated by the lifetime of ancestors. like the time that the milk tooth of king george the tenth fell, referred to a unique point in time that everyone in the country understood. Later when trade began to expand. the reference point in time was no more unique, this lead to a lot of confusion. Amongst tribes and later nations, there was a race to name the times, with their kings and leaders. after many squabbles even more wars and a few world wars which nearly destroying the earth, the leaders of the world decided upon a system where by a body like UN was constituted to amicably name the times. so that trade could progress.

the organization was in greenwich near london. Thus the concept of Kaalpurush or the time man was borrowed from the indian nation. the organization decided that they would nominate a 'time man' whose life would be recorded from the birth to his first procreation and every event would be marked. later as science progressed they discovered complex ways to device means to measure smaller units of the time man's biological clock. thus the unit became smaller. this helped physicists like einstein further the frontiers of science. but the common man was happy with the larger events of the selected time man's life. time of birth, first vacination, time of his first step. his first day at school, his puberty, and procreation, after which he is considered dead. and then his child would becomes new clock. the committee of time creation, in its constitution, took care of all conceivable unfortunate eventualities like the death of the person before procreation or the inability to procreate. Thus the life of time man was kept and published regularly for the entire mankind to see. first through print and then electronically. there were devices that transfered images of time man live on to the wrist pieces.

The people of the nation traded and their lifestyles evolved, but they did not have the stars to help them navigate. instead there was the four moons which they called a moon, b moon, c moon and d moon. they had lesser number of gods. because the natural phenomenon were limited. the mysteries of the deep dark sky was not there. the light always was blinding. so no one dared look beyond. since no one saw no one asked. troubles and war was always there since people were much like they were now. but just that the reasons to people's pain and misery were more innovative.

Friday, September 02, 2005

The wrath

Down the temple road, past the post office, the second shop on the right- painted on the yellow board in red and black, ISD, STD, Local calls.
Balamani collects coins from people who makes calls. Her late father had named her owner- manager of the booth. She was all of 18. On her forehead is sandal wood paste. On the way from home before opening to the shop she visits guruvayoor appan and collects her share of his prasadam. Daily without fail.
Only times she misses out that is on the day of bandhs like the one that happened yesterday. Most shops remain closed. She does not know why there was a bandh yesterday. She complies with all the bandhs the left calling or the right. She loses that day's income from the booth that her father left for the family. But that loss gets washed away by the collective helplessness of her society. She is not much bothered if she is not able to open the shop on that day. She is only too happy. She gets a day off to catch up on her life that she misses out on, laze around, watch television, catch up on some gossip... But the little Krishna in the temple missed her. He is a jealous god. The dark clouds rolled in at noon and it poured down very heavily.

Parashu warned that the parties should be careful about this little guy's wrath for lately they have been testing his patience a bit too much. For if his wrath falls on them they might not see the seat of power ever again.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

reason for the unreason- a love letter

All human beings are creative and suckers for stories. A story is an illusion of order. To us humans, stories like dreams have therapeutic value. It numbs our minds and reality takes the back door.

We need reason because we strive to create order and make sense of the chaos around us; in doing so we end up creating more chaos. Ironic isn't it !!.

President Bush had to give a new story to the world to stay in power while catering to his country's needs. So Bush prioritized the problem of the world and decided the most appropriate action to save the world was war "Saddam is a danger to the world.... Weapons of mass destruction etc.." A new story idea, alongside Osama Bin Laden... since post cold war the Commies, Castros story wouldn't have any effect on the public psyche.

Human beings are a bundle of needs and the need 'monster' cant be reasoned with. Needs have to be fulfilled and like energy need cannot be destroyed but only changes its form. The need to justify the need does not kill the need. So why look hard for reasons and justifications.

There are identified needs and unidentified needs. The unidentified needs can be mistaken to be an identified need, in humans this mistake often sets in motion an unconscious repetitive behavior patterns leading to frustration and chaos. like when - need for touch manifesting as love, or smoking filling in for the need of silent introspections.
There is this an example of mistaken need that is particularly lethal and common in our worlds now; the need for unconditional acceptance fulfilled in a family scenario expected in a professional environment. You can only imagine the consequence.

Are the needs not reason enough?

When we try to justify the need we construct stories and then become a central character in it, we look around for villains and victims and drag the people around us and their emotions into our personal universes and created a chaos. It is when a lie is cooked up as a reason to justify the need and lull ourself to believe in the reason to act that i and you, suck the people around us into the self created black hole.

So I shall save the story of reason for my love for you. There is only a need, identified or unidentified. I Love You.