Thursday, October 26, 2006

Why not truth now?

Like the zen master said, truth does not always liberate masses/ society/ community. They have to be readied to first accept the truth, to understand the truth in its real context and perspective. The ground has to be prepared for the seeds to be sown.

-like the true stories about how behind closed doors detailed strategies are drawn to tighten the grip of control over a community's perspectives and further shape it by the the moral standards of the media baron's orthodox family values, using a network of marketing agents who stand guard to the empire of profit that is founded on instilled sense of guilt, shame and false pride of community.
i know real stories of people, (more than one), driven to edges of depression and despair by the network of information that is in place for the media network. it is scary. the network of control is like a state military intelligence. they use it to intimidate the powerful and drive common man to suicide.


real stories of how the liberators/ party of the poor, innovate and learn new techniques of extortion to build a corporation so huge that it makes the ex- oppressor look like a petty thief. how they are mastering the art of extortion of public and private fund over phone calls, leaving no messy trail of evidence. all legit fund creation, that will fund the future uprising of the masses fed and blinded on liquor and hyper-reality. They are not ready for the truth.

Many true stories are condemned to languish in small gatherings and get passed on as murmurs ear to ear within closed circles, sometimes leaking out into the mainstream as hearsay and as a report of news from a reliable source, which never really gets substantiated and ends up as mere gossips or conspiracy theories.