Tuesday, May 23, 2006

While scripting reservation

In one rural indian village there were 3 friends: a hard-worker, an intelligent and a near stupid. They went to the same school and got same opportunities. Years later, the hard-worker became a high ranking official at LIC, the Intelligent became a doctor and the near stupid became a clerk at the local administration.

Now, that does not make a good story, so predictable. We put it forward for popular reaction and got response "no drama..."

The discussion continued...

Now, what if...the hardworking becomes a clerk in local administration, intelligent becomes a high ranking official at LIC and stupid becomes a doctor.

Sounds dramatic. "the script is getting interesting"- the popular verdict.

Continue... go on flesh it out... substantiate...

A hardworking person can get a low paying job because of
a) bad luck, b) missed opportunity, c) lack of guidance... so on and so forth

An intelligent person not living up to the expectation could be because of a) bad company, b) drugs, c) getting misguided and joining an extremist group in college (and later reforming)

A near stupid becoming a doctor could be because of a) divine intervention, or b) now proposed reservation policy

(p.s. note : don't read further if you found the above offensive)

Need more drama!! let us put in the caste angles...

The hardworking person who ends up getting a low paying job is an upper caste then... popular reaction- "too bad", "deserves it", "fate"
and if the hard-worker is a lower caste then... popular reaction- "need reservations"

Then intelligent person ends up getting a job below his caliber and happens to be an upper caste then... popular reaction- "too bad", "deserves it", "fate"
if he is a lower caste then... popular reaction- "need reservations"

The near stupid ends up becoming a doctor and he happens to be an upper caste... popular reaction-"injustice", "what the fuck!!"
if the stupid becomes a doctor and he is of the lower caste then... (if you take a politically correct stance) ... then blame it on parliamentary decisions, Arjun Singh style.

And thus spoke Parashu: reservation if intented to uplift the economically backward people should not be caste based. Because unlike fifty years back today there are wealthy lower caste and scavenging upper castes. So the policies will have no effect on the cash rich upper or lower caste, they can always choose to go abroad... In this attempt to create equality in another 10 years we will end up creating a new class of under-privilaged- 'the economically backward former upper caste'.