Thursday, January 25, 2007

SHAME! SHAME! The butcher on the wall- Saddam is inducted into the CPI(m) 'Wall of fame'

"Deshabhimani, a Malayalam daily and a CPI(M) organ, ran an editorial on Saddam titled Lal Salaam. Even CPI minister Binoy Vishwam wrote a column in another daily...."

WHY is the CPI (m) doing this?

"....Saddam was the CPI(M)'s poster boy in the recent Assembly polls and last month's Assembly bypoll in Thiruvambadi. The CPI(M) defeated the IUML there"-

Report and photo taken from DNAINDIA.

This stand is contrary to the stand that the communist party has taken worldwide. In kerala the CPI(M) is inducting the US slain ex- president of Iraq into their 'wall of fame' alongside che, lenin and other foreign dignitaries. SHAME ON THEM. Please note that the public memory is really short. Not long ago Saddam was called the butcher of bagdad for killing of innocent people of Iraq and attacking Kuwait.But today he is forgiven, he is a hero. Good for him. SHAME ON YOU. Shame on you Deshabhimani editor-in-chief. Shame on you Kairali TV editors. Shame on you, Kerala Communist Party Leadership.

This is the stand taken by Communit League.
I am glad that there is some Communists with a historic perspective on this issue.

This what they say “The communist league has no interest in adding its voice to either of the two competing chorus shouting about the execution-style killing of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein al- Tikriti at the hands of the U.S. sponsored government of Prime Minister Nouri al- Maliki.
Even though we shed no tears over his demise, we refuse to join hands with those who are ‘celebrating’ his death.
Based on our own observations, these ‘celebrations’, and the people who organize them, are tools of Washington and the Bush regime, designed to manufacture ‘public opinion’ that can be spoon-fed to the people of the U.S and other countries by the corporate media.

Even though we believe the ‘trial’ of Hussein was a show trial, with the verdict and sentence fixed in advance, we refuse to join hands with those who are ‘protesting’ his death.

From what we have seen, those who are organizing these ‘protests’ whether they are described socialists and communists or are from the arab community, alibi, apologize for and even act on behalf of some of the most reactionary elements helping to tear apart and wipe out the people of Iraq”