Friday, September 15, 2006

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Conversation with a 'Pulayadi mon'

Parashu - "Worn-out by the sun and stress I settled under the tree. Summer sun was scorching my scrotum"

- "The fully opened municipal tap dripped, my hopes were brimming over the Bisleri bottle as the drops collected at the bottom. Across the road, through the mirage, mud huts were bleached out in the afternoon brightness. Out of the luminescence appeared a local Goddess with a full earthen pot and let me quench my desire. She was a true Goddess..."

On hearing that, 'Pulayadi mon' interrupted and started to drool, making hand gestures that implied sex -"mmehhmmm...yymmmeeeemm......"

Parashu- "No, 'O great son of Pulayadi'... We did not fuck"

-"There is more important matters than sex and fixations with sex, in this case it was water"