Thursday, September 30, 2010

A judgement for peace's sake

Today 30 Sept 2010, Thursday | Allahabad, India.
Verdict on Babri Masjid land possession was passed, the land will be divided amongst all 3 parties who were claiming ownership of this disputed property. Anything for the sake of peace- everyone is hailing the high court's decision. None of the expected rioting has been reported in the news. Government has given guidelines to the channel to help maintain an atmosphere of calm and peace. Looks like they are successful so far. Partition is not a great concept, has our nation not learned it. Momentary peace is priority, future wars can be dealt with later.

The parties who were responsible for the demolition of the controversial mosque and changed the face of secular India, starting the biggest riots based religious differences post independence, readout briefings to the press at press-conference, hailing the judgement. Looks like they has been vindicated. Peace is an illusion at least for now.

We need to maintain peace at all cause. In the path of progress who wants obstacles, if that means closing eyes on 2000 plus dead. Why not? When numbers are on your-side and you have power to create a riot- the nation forgets and forgives. Democracy. I should know that. Good wins over evil, Bad will never triumph... etc are naive concepts. Mobilise mass opinion, when the number is on your-side, you are always rights.

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